The Best Mexican Restaurants in Denver, Colorado - A Guide to Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Denver, Colorado is home to some of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in the country. From traditional taquerías to modern Mexican cuisine, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for tacos, stuffed chili peppers, burritos, tamales, sopapillas, street corn, salsa fresca, and guacamole, or simply crave a plate of green chili with homemade tortillas, Denver's Mexican food scene won't disappoint. Here is your guide to the best taquerías, hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants and authentic Mexican food in the Denver area. La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas is a favorite among Denver residents.

This small establishment specializes in tacos and barbecue (usually beef, goat, and lamb that is seasoned with dried chillies and spices and then slowly cooked until perfectly tender).Chakas Mexican restaurant has an extensive menu offering drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. With a happy hour every day from 3 to 6 p.m., it's known for its delicious margaritas and a full seafood menu. Whichever place you visit, expect to find home-cooked favorites like drool-worthy chili peppers, roasted meat, chicken mole, shrimp tacos, and more. La Fogata is another great option for vegetarians as they don't put lard or pork in their beans and sauces. They are also ideal for families and have an impressive children's menu.

For drinks, they have a full bar but the huge list of margaritas made with the unique bittersweet blend steals the show.

El Noa Noa

is opened by Raúl and Hortensia Medina in 1980 and is known for serving authentic homemade Mexican cuisine with no frills. Located in the historic Santa Fe Art District, the vibrant and colorful indoor dining room plus a fantastic patio with a waterfall, fountain, and multicolored flag chains make it a great place to visit. Some nights even have a live mariachi band. From homemade French fries and salsa to fresh guacamole, churros and sopapillas, El Noa Noa's care and attention to detail are evident in every bite. The menu contains favorites such as seafood tacos, barbecue, fajitas, nachos, and chili fillers.

They even have hamburgers and fries just in case. Los Chingones is the ideal place to enjoy modern Mexican cuisine in the Rino neighborhood. It has lively decor dotted with graffiti and an impressive second-floor patio that's a fantastic place to spend the afternoon eating and enjoying great craft cocktails such as large fish-shaped margaritas. They're also located in DTC and Central Park so they're never too far away. Chakas Mexican restaurant comes from family recipes handed down from generation to generation. Located just outside Virginia Village in southeast Denver it's a family store known for its fresh fast food that's prepared from scratch every day.

Try their Piña Mix - a pineapple cut in half filled with strips of chicken steak and marinated pork. When chef José Ávila opened La Diabla Pozole and Mezcal in Five Points he set out to honor his roots in Mexico City at the first restaurant in Denver dedicated to pozole - a traditional Mexican soup made with homemade nixtamalized Mexican corn flavored broth lettuce or shredded cabbage radish onion lime and meat. Combine your pozole with an exclusive cocktail for a complete experience. Located in the 16th Street mall in downtown Denver Otra Vez Cantina is an elegant and casual restaurant with a Mexican and South American influence bar offering more than 200 tequilas and mezcals and a wide range of artisanal cocktails. Santiago's - a Denver classic that offers fast and affordable Mexican food to take away - has nine stores in the Front Range area. From authentic to modern to Tex-Mex food you can find any type of Mexican food you like in almost any corner of the city. Located in the South Broadway neighborhood their central location has become a staple of exceptional Mexican cuisine in Denver. What started as a small family-owned Mexican restaurant located in a brick house is now a bustling place in downtown Denver known for its award-winning dishes. Whether you're looking for traditional taquerías or modern Mexican cuisine there are plenty of options available for you to explore when it comes to finding delicious Mexican food in Denver. From La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas to El Noa Noa to Los Chingones there are plenty of places that offer something special for everyone.

So if you're looking for an unforgettable experience when it comes to enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine then look no further than these amazing restaurants located throughout Denver!.

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