Taste the Authentic Flavors of Mexico in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is a great place to experience the authentic flavors of Mexico. From traditional taquerias to modern bistros, the city has something for everyone. Los Carboncito is a family-owned restaurant that has been serving traditional and affordable tacos for years, winning the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

Opened by Raúl and Hortensia Medina in 1980, El Noa Noa is renowned for its authentic homemade Mexican cuisine with no frills


The vibrant and colorful indoor dining room, plus a fantastic patio with a waterfall, fountain, and multicolored flag chains make it a great place to visit. Zocalito Latin Bistro stands out from the rest and serves delicious, fully Instagrammable dishes inspired by the region of Oaxaca in Mexico. Chef Michael Beary works hand in hand with artisans and farmers to find the best ingredients. It's also an ideal spot to enjoy Happy Hour in Denver; the energy and drinks are simply delicious. Mexico City Lounge celebrates the vibrant flavors of Mexico and uses only the freshest ingredients to prepare its dishes. It has been serving the community for more than 60 years, making it one of the oldest Mexican restaurants downtown Denver has seen.

It is now run by the grandchildren of the original owners, Willie and Esther Garcia. Perdida Kitchen is a sophisticated and modern Mexican restaurant in the heart of Denver. From the food to the ambiance, it's clear that this restaurant aims to transport its customers to the white sandy beaches of Mexico. Chef Philippe Failyau creates delicious wood-fired dishes using organic and local ingredients. Many dishes are served in small tapas-like plates, encouraging exchange. Quesabirria is a food truck located in the South Broadway neighborhood that serves birria, a meaty Mexican stew made with beef and served in tacos, burritos, tortas and cheese ramen bowls.

La Fogata is another great option for vegetarians as they don't put lard or pork in their beans and sauces. Santiago's is a Denver classic that offers fast and affordable Mexican food to take away from nine stores in the Front Range area. The Ambli Mexico menu is constantly changing and evolving, incorporating new flavors and techniques to traditional Mexican cuisine. In this vegan Baker paradise, a meatless taco dish includes three corn tortillas seasoned with spice-marinated jackfruit (chili powder, cumin, garlic, Mexican oregano, paprika), salsa verde, shredded cabbage, onion, cilantro, and lime. If you're looking for fantastic Mexican food in Denver and a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere, check out D'Corazon Restaurant or Unos Mas Taqueria Y Cantina which offers authentic cuisine and excellent service.

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