Late-Night Mexican Restaurants in Denver, Colorado: A Guide

When the midnight craving hits, Denver may not be the first place that comes to mind. But with the right knowledge, you can find some great late-night Mexican restaurants in the city. From classic casual cocktail bars to trendy Chinese venues, there are plenty of options to satisfy your cravings. Check out this guide to the best late-night Mexican restaurants in Denver, Colorado.

Blessed with one of the best rooftops in RiNo, Boulevardier is a classic, casual cocktail-focused watering hole that recently reopened its doors with a kitchen run by Soi Kowboi until 1 a.m. Burgers, French fries, tender dishes and tots form the core of a short but sweet menu, perfect for enjoying alcohol at a Boulevardier or Rattlesnake. For pizza lovers, Five Points is the place to go. This open-air room serves up thin-crust pies made with water from a system designed to reproduce the mineral content of New York City's water.

Order it all over the thin-crust pie or cut it into slices in the elevator window, then sit at a picnic table on the patio until midnight Tuesday through Sunday. Fabulous French sauces and incredible cocktails are the bread and butter of LoDo Hangout. This always crowded spot offers service until 1 in the morning on weekends. To sweeten the pot even more, the kitchen produces a good chocolate chip cookie. Occupying a space that could almost pass through a trendy Shanghai lounge, Larimer Square is filled with red lanterns, neon and street-style murals. This trendy Chinese venue offers wings, dumplings and other dim sum-inspired snacks until midnight from Thursday to Saturday; the bar follows suit with cocktails with baijiu, umeshu, sake and similar products.Tom's Diner, located in a historic Google-era building that used to house Tom's Diner, is now a self-described “cocktail shack” that pays homage to its predecessor with mid-century decor.

The menu includes decidedly modern drinks and meals until midnight from Tuesday to Thursday and at 1 in the morning.

East Colfax

, where Denver's first branch of this Oregon-based chain is located, is known for its nightlife. The kitchen serves comfort food like chili bisonte: French fries with cheese, pulled pork sandwiches with French fries and chicken, and waffles with chipotle and maple syrup until 3 in the morning. This colorful but red-hot cocktail lounge in Cherry Creek serves evening-worthy hors d'oeuvres until midnight Sunday through Thursday and at 1 a.m. m. Live big with a Wagyu caviar and tartar service, or make it real with a Chicago dog and a soft pretzel.

South Broadway

, where Denver's second branch of this Oregon-based chain is located, has plenty of nightlife.

The kitchen stays open until 11 p.m. From Friday to Saturday, we serve comfort food like chili bisonte: French fries with cheese, pulled pork sandwiches with French fries and chicken, and waffles with chipotle and maple syrup.

Cherry Creek

is home to this institution that prepares its famous hamburgers with every imaginable à la carte toppings: pork belly, corned beef, PB&J, cheetos, green chili, barbecue sauce with anchovies and apricot, sauerkraut and much more until midnight (the same goes for its sister Ballpark). Add knots of cheesy pretzels, onion rings, and skewered smoothies for a balanced meal.

South Broadway Entertainment Emporium

, between bowling alley, game room and karaoke rooms has plenty to keep guests busy for hours on end. To boost uninterrupted activity, the kitchen stays open until 11 p.m.

From Friday to Saturday. For decades this critically tested university institution has reduced students' cravings for traditional Middle Eastern specialties until 4 in the morning. On Fridays and Saturdays, and at 2 in the morning,. There's no hangover that falafel, kebabs and baklava can't cure.

Aurora Biker Bar

, more than 50 years old is famous for its wings on one hand and its Cantonese-style cuisine on the other: wontons, egg rolls, fried rice with shrimp and everything. As the menu goes on and on this small usually bustling Korean venue is best known for its fried chicken with or without sweet chili sauce which serves until around midnight.

Golden Triangle

, keep the party going after a night on Broadway at this taqueria and bar where crowds after midnight often come to enjoy gigantic delicious quesadillas crispy quesabirria tacos and other irresistible Mexican dishes which are available until 3 in the morning.

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