The Best Mexican Restaurants for Takeout in Denver, Colorado

Chef Manuel (Manny) Barella brings to Denver the kind of Mexican food he grew up eating in Monterrey - tacos filled with homemade chorizo, steak, chihuahua cheese and salsa verde, or the mushroom shepherd al pastor, full of mushrooms, with king trumpets and charred pineapple. The best way to experience the Bellota menu is to go with friends and order the taco flight, where they give you one of each of the seven tacos. If you're dining alone, you can still enjoy the deliciousness by ordering two or three tacos. No matter which Mexican restaurant you visit in Denver, Colorado, you can expect to find home-cooked favorites like chili peppers, roasted meat, chicken mole, shrimp tacos, and more.

If you're having trouble deciding on a single item, many places offer multiple plates combined. La Fogata is a great option for vegetarians since they don't put lard or pork in their beans and sauces. They are also ideal for families and have an impressive children's menu. For drinks, many Mexican restaurants have a full bar.

However, the margaritas made with a unique bittersweet blend are usually the star of the show. They come in several sizes, including table mugs.

Opened by Raúl and Hortensia Medina in 1980, El Noa Noa is known for serving authentic homemade Mexican cuisine with no frills

. Located in the historic Santa Fe Art District, the vibrant and colorful indoor dining room plus a fantastic patio with a waterfall, fountain, and multicolored flag chains will transport you to Mexico.

The menu at El Noa Noa contains favorites such as seafood tacos, barbecue, fajitas, nachos, and chili fillers. They even have hamburgers and fries for those who don't want Mexican food. If it's your first time visiting El Noa Noa, try the El Noa Noa special - a flour tortilla filled with pork sauce with chipotle, cheese and fried beans topped with tasty green pork chili. Don't forget to check out their extensive list of specialty cocktails and margaritas too! Los Chingones is the perfect place to enjoy modern Mexican cuisine in the Rino neighborhood.

It has lively decor dotted with graffiti and an impressive second-floor patio that's great for spending an afternoon eating and enjoying craft cocktails like large fish-shaped margaritas. They also have locations in DTC and Central Park so they're never too far away. Although they don't serve authentic Mexican food, everything they offer is undeniably delicious. From its unique green chili to its famous stuffed chili burrito and textbook-level tacos, there are countless reasons why this decades-old institution in the Santa Fe Arts District is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Denver.

It's also on Eater 38's list and has been awarded the James Beard Foundation America's Classics Award. Reflecting both Colorado's history of settlements and current demographic trends, Mexican food is an essential part of Denver's gastronomic landscape - just like craft beer and homegrown beef. Santiago's is another classic Denver spot that offers fast and affordable Mexican food to take away. With nine stores located throughout the Front Range area - including one in South Broadway - Santiago's has become a staple of exceptional Mexican cuisine in Denver. Whether you're craving tacos, stuffed chili peppers, burritos, tamales, sopapillas, street corn salsa fresca or guacamole - or just some green chili with homemade tortillas - Denver's Mexican food scene won't disappoint. From authentic to modern to Tex-Mex food - you can find any type of Mexican food you like almost anywhere in the city.

If you want a true regional favorite try the Mexican burger - a grilled burger wrapped in a tortilla with fried beans topped with green chili with pork. Comal is another great spot for Mexican cuisine located in Denver's Rino neighborhood. Although dishes from other countries sometimes make an appearance on their menu - Mexican food is their bread and butter (or handmade tortillas and salsa). A typical day's menu can include chicken in hot pumpkin seed sauce, pork shoulder in salsa verde or chipotle shrimp tacos.

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